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        Vertex CAD & PLM Software Solutions





        for Machinery Industry

        Machines and equipment?

        Effortless expandability and control over the entire design process with integrated data management features.

        Do you waste your time in looking for documents? Concentrate in design work. With Vertex the documents are managed
        for your whole organization and for your stakeholders.

        Increase the productivity of after sales: find the product documentation during the whole product life-cycle.

        ” Each year, the amount of money spent on software licenses is saved many times through various features. The software is easy to use and visual. Therefore, for example, in the tool design, the lead time is reduced.” – Juha Siltala

        The world’s leading lure manufacturer, Rapala, produces several million lures every year. In the design of their production equipment, Rapala uses Vertex G4 design software.

        Read more on Rapala >>

        Rapala uses Vertex G4 and Vertex Flow software.

        ?“We use Vertex in product design and electrical design. There has been less errors in production and deliveries. Using product automation the design overhead by standard products has been reduced substantially and more emphasis on product development instead of project design has been achieved. Also offer calculation speeds up and offers can be sent more quickly.” – CEO Pekka Hosio

        Champion Door manufactures doors for very large openings. The products include hangar doors, industrial doors, commercial doors, dock doors, shipyard doors, craneway doors and bridge crane openings.

        ChampionDoor?uses Vertex G4 and Vertex Flow software.

        Vehicle manufacturing

        More efficient design to the whole product process

        Design with ease with versatile and intuitive Vertex G4.

        Lost documents are history. Vertex controls them – you find them easily.

        Is it hard to produce spare part manuals?
        Vertex provides the after-sales material automatically along the design work.

        “With Vertex Flow our product data is utilized by the whole organization and stakeholders. The new product data created by our design is effectively utilized in production, purchasing, sales and after-sales.”
        -Jouko Paalanen, General Manager, L?nnen Tractors

        L?nnen heavy-duty, multifunction backhoe loaders are easy to move from one work site to the next, around the work site and over all terrain types. Versatile features challenge the IT solutions in design, sales and production, but all the data among products is well managed with Vertex Flow.
        L?nnen Tractors is using: Vertex G4 and Vertex Flow software

        Sheet Metal Structures

        Power and speed to sheet metal design

        Let Vertex make routine work. You will get accurate production-ready drawings automatically, or send them directly up to punching machine.

        Reduce clicks and routine work. Print all the documents related to the product at once to the needs of entire organization and stakeholders.

        Production lines manufacturing

        Do large assemblies slow down your design? With various lightening techniques, you can design even large models quickly.

        The documents of large models are kept under control and can be easily found.

        2D or 3D design? Do as you wish – both ways are available for you, flexibly.

        “Mechanical engineering is a big part of Heinola Sawmill Machinery sawline projects. Vertex G4 and Flow are used to manage not only models, drawings and BOMs but also material items and product structures of production sent further to ERP system. Subcontracting consulting engineers have also access to same PDM in real time. This means also better control of them. Flow PDM also gives us many lists helping purchasing and production. 3D models are utilized a lot to produce visual marketing material.”
        – Antti Hannula, Design Manager

        Heinola Sawmill Machinery designs, manufactures and markets technology for sawmills and wood chip fuel production.

        Heinola is using: Vertex G4 Vertex Flow

        Steel and Aluminium Structures

        Speed up your work by automating design routines with product automation.

        You get dimensioning according Eurocode 3 with the corresponding documentation.

        “Automated design speeds up our work hugely, as less paperwork and document storing is needed. The work that took three days before automatization takes now around 15 minutes.” – Technical Director Tuomo Asumus

        Nika-Lasitus is a company founded in 1988, specialized in marketing, selling, installing, and developing balcony and terrace glazing systems and balcony railings. Our premises along with the head office are located in Helsinki, Finland. We operate as part of the Lasimies Group being one of the most significant European manufacturers in the field.

        Lasimies is using: Vertex G4 automated design software

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